Richard Zimler


Zimler has this spark of genius, which critics can’t explain but readers recognise, and which every novelist desires but few achieve.
— The Independent
Richard Zimler

COming in April 2019: THe Gospel According to Lazarus

** Number 1 International Bestseller **
** Best Novel of 2016 — FNAC Bookstores (22 shops in Portugal) **
** 3rd Most Popular Novel of 2016 – Bertrand Bookstores (51 shops in Portugal) **

In the New Testament, we are told that Jesus resurrected a beloved friend named Lazarus. Missing from the Gospel is a description of how Jesus accomplished this miracle and if he had a special purpose for bringing his companion back from the dead. Internationally acclaimed and best-selling novelist Richard Zimler takes up the tale, and through the eyes of the troubled Lazarus, recreates the story of the Passion.

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